Rough Knight, my first short film.

Pictures from the shooting of Rough Knight. Pictures by Kyle Czerniak and Nigel Eastman. (

Shooting will begin at the end of this month! Locations are on lockdown as well as actors. Working with my makeup crew as well as costuming to finalize details. Pictures will come. 

Still in pre-production of my first upcoming short film, Rough Knight. Here are some promotional shots that I have created. Not only is it written and directed by me, but it will also be starring me. Not an ego thing, more like everyone saying that I should play the main role.

I’m Assistant Director for Red Moon Rises ( and just created a behind the scenes video. Camera was passed around the crew when we weren’t busy and I put it all together. Check it outttt

That’s right! Now a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree. Now working on the Maryland Film Festival video that my fellow interns and I shot and will now be putting together. Will post it after it is completed. 

My acting reel. 

Sorry about not posting in here as often. Projects have been coming at me one after the other after the other. Don’t worry, I’m not complaining.  

So far I have finished sound mixing “Monster in a Box” (Stevenson University Senior Project by KC White), acted in “Bloodlines” (S.U. Senior Projects by Jo’Jo E. Miji), another senior project, acted in and Assistant Directed Stevenson University’s Advance Video Production’s “The Road Goes On”.  So in total I am in 5 of the senior Film/Video projects since Advance Video’s project will also be shown like it is every Senior Showcase. Had a couple of rough patches but everything is falling into place. 

Graduating college is really life changing. No more school. Pretty scary but exciting. I have a game plan and my experience will increase as I shoot for my dream editing career. Acting has come back as a very big interest of mine as well. I am actually creating an acting demo reel for those parties interested.

Photos, videos, and links will of course be put up soon as I get more than 20 minutes to myself. 

River is still very much in Production! Have been starting post so we can be as streamline as possible!

River is still very much in Production! Have been starting post so we can be as streamline as possible!